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Air Neck Traction

Cervicalstütze Traction Cervicale Air Professionelle

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Traction Cervicale Air Professionelle

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Instructions For Using The Air Neck Traction

You will achieve the best results with regular applications. Begin your neck traction program with short traction sessions (3-5 minutes each). After the first week, you can gradually increase the amount of pressure and length of the traction sessions by a few minutes. Sessions should always be comfortable. If you notice any increase soreness and symptoms returning, decrease the length of your session. Take things slowly in the beginning for optimum results.

When you are ready to extend traction sessions to longer periods (10-20 minutes), always use the lowest amount of pressure that still provides an easy stretch. Stronger traction should always be for shorter periods of time (maximum 3-5 minutes), and for individuals who are experienced with the product.

To use the AirNeckTraction device while lying down, individuals should position a pillow under the head creating a space for the product behind the neck for comfort.



Air Neck Traction Professional

Instructions for Professional Air Neck Traction Model

Instructions: Attach rear velcro straps and place Air Neck Traction Professional around neck with tubes and inflation bulbs in front. Adjust the inflatable layers for correct shape and position then fasten the velcro straps in front. Use a mirror to help.

Sit up straight, and rest your back in the chair. Keep your head pointed straight ahead looking out at eye-level. Pump the bulbs until you feel a light stretch of the neck. Let the back of your head rest comfortably back inside the unit. Relax your muscles. Pump it again in gradual increments, until you feel a pleasant stretch. You may continue to pump left and right sides until you achieve the right traction angle and right amount of stretch and/or relief according to comfort level or as prescribed by your doctor. There are no blocker valves to close on the Pro Model to prevent leakage of air. You may adjust Air Neck Traction on your neck if needed until comfort and relief are attained, however, do not use the air tubes to adjust the unit or damage will result.

When finished with your treatment session, press down the buttons on the inflation valves and the air will release, there are no valve screws to turn. Once the air has let out sufficiently, you may remove the Air Neck Traction and hold the valve buttons down while gently pressing on the layers to completely deflate and place in the traction carry case for safe keeping. Do not squeeze the device forcefully to let the air out.

AirNeckTraction Pro Details

 1. Air chambers (3 front & 3 back)  2. Velcro straps (3 front & 3 back)  3. Air tubes  4. Inflation Bulbs  5. Bulb valve closed  6. Bulb valve open

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