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Elastic knie brace

Elastic knee brace

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Elastic knie brace

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Small : 28-31 cm

Medium : 31-34 cm

Large : 34-37 cm

XLarge : 37-40 cm

2XLarge : 40-43 cm

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Elastic knie brace

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Elastic knie brace

Elastic Knee Cap


Knee elastic fabric with special elastic mesh structure that allows a perfect fit and high breathability. Silicone insert integrated which allows a constant pressure infrapatellar for the stabilization of the patella.



Knee instability

Prevention in sport

Post-operative care



For proper use, please contact the medical staff and / or specialist for choosing the model, right size, method and time of use. 

Beware the medical device is not sterile. Do not place in contact with damaged skin.

Do not use creams or ointments in direct contact of the device.

Do not change the structure of the device to maintain the functioning of the same.

The materials used for the construction of the device excludes, in most cases known to us, the onset of side effects.

In case you notice any side effects stop using the device and consult your personal physician.



The particular structure of knitted elastic allows perfect fit and high breathability.

The silicone insert, integrated into the knee, allows constant pressure infrapatellar that helps stabilize the kneecap.

In the popliteal area the design is high elasticity to improve the bending and comfort during movement.

Slats spiral side and flexible to keep in position the brace



The patella should be located in the area surrounded by the insert silicone



Hand wash max 30 ° with neutral soap or detergent - Rinse thoroughly - 

Do not wring - Remove excess water by rolling the garment in a towel - 

Dry horizontally - Do not iron - Do not bleach - Do not dry clean - Do not tumble drying machine.

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Elastic knie brace

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