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MedSurg Postoperativer Schuh

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MedSurg Postoperativer Schuh. Stabilität, Stoßdämpfung und Druckentlastung nach Operationen. Zur Stabilisierung und Druckentlastung in der postoperativen Phase, z. B.

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MedSurg Postoperativer Schuh

Tailles modèle homme - longueur semelle intérieure:

Small/39-41 - 255 mm

Medium/41,5-43 - 270 mm

Large/43,5-45 - 290 mm

XLarge/ 45,5-47 - 310 mm


Tailles modèle femme - longueur semelle intérieure:

Small/34-36,5 - 227 mm

Medium/37-38,5 - 245 mm

Large/39-41 - 290 mm



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MedSurg Postoperativer Schuh

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MedSurg Postoperativer Schuh

MedSurg Postoperativer Schuh

(former MedicalSurgical™ - ST)

postoperative for stabilising and off-loading


Colour: Black

right and left fit


Pédiatrique : < 31



›  used postoperatively for stability and off-loading, e.g. after foot osteotomy procedures


›  stability, impact and pressure relief after surgical procedures
›  accommodates even the bulkiest dressings
in combination with the PegAssist® creates interim solution for the diabetic foot in need of urgent care


›  breathable mesh upper
›  patent-protected reinforced heel counter
›  replaceable insole
›  can be worn on the right and left
Diabetes, Woundcare, preventive care, ankle orthosis, orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic devices

Plantar pressure measurement MedSurg:

Pressure measurement neutral Pressure measurement MedSurg Healing Shoe

Neutral (Ballet-Style Shoe) vs. MedSurg Healing Shoe

to increase view please click at the scans

Scale: (N / qm2): 



MedSurg Postoperative Shoe in use with ToeCap

The MedSurg Shoe with its famous semi-rigid sole, is built around our patented MetaShank™ forefoot support that provides more rigid control and better protection after osteotomies. Our breathable, mesh upper conforms to bony abnormalities of the foot and has a reinforced heel counter and padded heel collar to stabilize the rear foot and reduce slippage. Extra-long straps accommodate even the bulkiest dressings. Due to the classification in Men- and Women- sizes the shoe fits at best.



Compatible with:

Puzzle Insole® modular Insole
Modular Insole for plantar pressure redistribution
PegAssist Insole Off-loading Insole
for selective off-loading during acute treatment
Relief Contour Insole Cushion Insole
for use following hallux valgus and small toe surgeries
Toe Cap optional available, Orthopedic devices and shoes
Toe Cap optional available.
Protects the toes from exposur, increased wearing comfort.
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MedSurg Postoperativer Schuh

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