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Pädiatrische Clavicula-Blockade bei Schlüsselbeinbruch

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Pädiatrische Schlüsselbeinfixierung bei Schlüsselbeinbruch. Verstellbare 8er-Bandage mit Schnalle und Klettverschluss.

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ATTENTION! To adjust the appropriate size, measure the chest circumference at the level of the armpits

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Pediatric figure 8 clavicle brace is a professional medical device. It immobilizes the collarbone and offers high level of stabilization. The figure 8 designed wraps around the both shoulders, help holds shoulders back, keeping collarbone stable.

  • collarbone fracture
  • dislocation of the acromioclavicular (AC) joint
  • improving the posture

Clavicle, called collar bone, connects the sternum and scapula. It’s a part of the shoulder girdle. Collarbone fracture is a common condition among kids. This can happen when the child is falling hard on a shoulder or an outstretched arm. Also, it occurs in sports and playing in the playground.

Diagnosis of fractured clavicle is easy. The affected area is painful, swollen and has limited mobility. 

This is visible in X-rays and physical examination. The outer layer of the collarbone, called periosteum, is thick. The clavicle periosteum doesn’t usually break, so its healing is fast and requires immobilization with the professional paediatric clavicle brace.



Our kids 8 figure clavicle brace is made of soft, comfortable foam and innovative fabric ActivDistance™.

ActivDistance™ is 3-layered lamination, made of comfort foam and 2 non-elastic polyamide layers. ActivDistance™ is not elastic what improves stabilization. The foam inside makes our fabric very soft and comfortable. ActivDistance™ is self-gripping in both sides, so you can fit our devices perfectly.

Optimum wide straps provide excellent clavicle’s stabilization and comfort of use. Our collarbone brace doesn’t put pressure on kid’s armpits.

Our paediatric 8 figure clavicle brace offers perfect collarbone’s immobilization and improves the healing.

Inside the brace is made of light weight, comfortable foam which is almost “invisible” for user. Due to this fact, our 8 figure collarbone brace is more comfortable than traditional casts. Durable Velcro closure allows to use it many times without loosing the level of stabilization.

Our paediatric 8 figure clavicle brace offers wide circumferential adjustment and perfect fitting

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