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Diabetic footwear


Diabetic footwear

The diabetic foot is in the DNA of Podartis that, since its foundation, has always worked with the best medical experts to design, test and implement specific footwear for people with diabetes. 
The first studies date back to 1988 when Dr. Buratto presented the first series of Extra-Deep shoes for diabetic foot. For the past  20 years Podartis has always offered the best products for innovation and effectiveness. 
In 2010, the prestigious journal Diabetis Care published a study on Stabil D, the first standard removable cast to receive the Gold Standard for the demonstrated efficacy in the treatment and healing of diabetic plantar ulcers.

Today Podartis solutions are recognized among the most efficient on the market for the treatment and prevention of problems related to the diabetic foot, with a range of models covering the various needs of the person depending on the course of the pathology, from primary prevention to secondary, to the treatment of the acute phase.

Podartis footwear is produced according to international guidelines, both for the materials used (dermocompatible and protective) and with regard to the construction techniques (Self moulding uppers, seamless lining).

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