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Rodillera Activ pren 2i

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Rodillera Activ pren 2i
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Taille (A) Tour de cuisse 15 cm au-dessus du centre de la rotule (B) Tour de mollet 15 cm sous le centre de la rotule Comment mesurer
S min 40 cm – max 44 cm min 30 cm – max 34 cm How to measure
M min 44 cm- max 48 cm miin 34 cm – max 38 cm
L min 48 cm – max 52 cm min 38 cm – max 42 cm
XL min 52 cm – max 56 cm min 42 cm – max 46 cm
XXL min 56 cm – max 60 cm min 46 cm – max 50 cm
XXXL min 60 cm – max 64 cm min 50 cm – max 54 cm
XXXXL min 64 cm – max 68 cm min 54 cm – max 58 cm
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Medidas y tamaños
Rodillera Activ pren 2i
Indicaciones médicas
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Medidas y tamaños
Rodillera Activ pren 2i
Indicaciones médicas
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OPEN LOWER LIMB BRACE WITH SPLINT 2 with goural exclusivity internal curved splint

Product description

Open orthosis has been made of perforated neoprene foam, which is coated with lining fabric. It has four independent units of supportive girdles made of VELCRO stickers. The device is provided with biaxial side splints with a rack mechanism made of high quality alloy of aluminum coated with permanent powder cover. The system of splints in the orthosis is arranged in a shape of X letter, it allows to adhere perfectly to the limb and also enables to stabilize the joint excellently. Inside splints’ hocks we assembled anatomical covers made of elastic material, which permit on more exact adhesion of splint to the side part of knee. Biaxial working order of hocks inside the splint is maximally similar to anatomical movement of genual joint.



- Perfect draining off of moisture from the orthosis – thanks to use of internal perforation which permits on breathing skin freely.
- Partial carrying away of heat from the patient’s skin – thanks to use of internal perforation which permits on moving away the excess of heat.
- Opportunity of use the orthosis by elderly persons and persons who are overweight – thanks to open construction of orthosis at the front side
- Joint stabilization increased – due to elongation of orthopaedic splints and instalation four groups of velcro tapes


Purpose of use

Should be applied in cases of:
- dislocation of genual joint,
- twist and sprain of genual joint,
- side instability of genual joint,
- damages of knee ligaments LCL, MCL and ACL,
- reconstruction of the knee ligaments,
- other operations (orthopedic),
- habitual subluxation kneecaps, posttraumatic


Should not be applied in cases of:
- fresh wounds
- attritions of skin
- skin eczemas
- skin allergies
- varicosity
- ulceration of shin


Splints 2

Splints [2] – double axis polycentric splints equipped with gear rack mechanism which copies the anatomic movement of the knee joint. Such splints are mainly used in all types of knee joint braces, in cases where lateral stabilization of the jont is required. They are made of high quality aluminum alloy, with durable sanded cover, which protects the splint from influance of sweat and salt. Standard length of the splint is 280mm. Splints are equipped with specially shaped silicone insert to stabilize the splint and additionally release stress from the knee joint.


Information for patients

- It should be applied in compliance with indications and under doctor’s supervision.
- For the first time should be established by doctor or by trained medical staff.
- Orthosis should not be used if any ointment or warming up gel had been applied earlier.
- It is recommended to use the article together with stocking or antivaricose knee-length socks of minimum compression.
- Inappropriate use of article or choosing wrong size can bring about a defect of venous and arterial circulation, trauma of protected joint, skin illnesses etc.
- Lack of everyday personal hygiene or inappropriate preservation and washing the article can cause skin attritions or can bring about allergic reactions connected with intensive perspiration and development of bacterial flora.
- Orthosis as medical article should not be used during sport activities or exercises.


- Wash by hands in warm water with soap in temperature of 30°
- Do not mould.
- Do not chlorinate.
- Dry away from sources of warmth.
Before washing disassemble side splint

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Medidas y tamaños
Rodillera Activ pren 2i
Indicaciones médicas
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